Artist Bio

Roberto Cuellar creates scenes with his sculptures and installations that oscillate between interior design and set design. The sculptural elements of his installations and murals in interiors & exteriors generate their energetic presence through contrasty colour palettes, illumination and a participatory potential which is shown specifically in his works that initiate a performative action. 
Cuellar’s formal characteristics are geometric and graphical, an artistic identity - with technical complexity and a variety of materials ranging from wood, steel, plastic, lighting and other components that are combined in a playful way. 
As an artist, Cuellar takes a position that fuses elements of design and pop culture with a sculptural and scenographic approach to create free-standing sculptures, installations, and reliefs.  Throughout his career Cuellar has been collaborating with various international artists and leading skate brands.  His works associate with skateparks and store windows of famous luxury brands, have been settings to various music and skateboarding videos while remaining visible in the public space.